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There are a ton of terms and words that basically mean the same in this whole enlightenment game. This page of definitions will help make sense of terms such as Christhood, I Am (That I Am), and many more that carry historic weight among different traditions but oftentimes mean the same thing. After all, water is known as agua, maya, H2O, but its water nonetheless.

This will be a page with ongoing additions.

Comment if something needs clarity and I’ll do my best to throw it in here.

God = Allah = Creator = Unity = The One = Truth

Enlightenment = Buddha Nature = Christhood (Christ Consciousness) = Non-dual Awareness

True Self = I Am = That which is the revelation of the enlightened state

Ego = False Self = That which exists in falsehood, fear, and separation

Adversary = Satan = Iblis = Maya = The force that is the acting agent of opposition to truth, feeding on fear, division, and illusion, using the ego to perpetuate itself.

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