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My name is Jason. I started this blog to as a way to document my own enlightenment project. I’ve spent the last ten years of my life traveling, studying, thinking, and spending way too much money on “things” that I thought would help me with enlightenment. I’ve spent countless hours in meditation, years practicing yoga, was a vegetarian for a about a week. And what I’ve found is that all of these things have their place, they help life make sense, they are a great part of the human experience. But enlightenment is something very different. It is bloody, it is hard, it is maddening, and it is so simple we often look right past it on our way to yoga, or church, or the natural food store.

What it comes down is the truth. The truth exists. And to think for yourself. That is all you really can do.

These are my experiences. This is my truth.

Remember: It’s all good, it’s all God (or creator, or Allah, or unity, or non-dual awareness, or nothing).

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