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Quote Of The Week – The Spiritual Path

August 16, 2010

Good lord, maybe I should start calling this the Quote of the Month. I blame it on Summer vacation…

Often an individual begins the spiritual path with a vague dissatisfaction with ordinary life. She may have brushed up against society’s conventions and come to realize that they are foolish and arbitrary. The spiritual path then becomes a means of escaping this social incarceration. But if there is any authenticity to this path, one soon realizes that the forces that constrain us are not merely exterior but much closer to ourselves and to whom we think we are. Ultimately we discover that the enemy is the tendency in ourselves to set ourselves up against the universe and to say, with the Gnostic Ialdaboth, “I am God and there is no other God beside me.” Without this insight, it may be impossible to break free of the Black Iron Prison.

~ Richard Smoley (The Gnostic Legacy – From the Gospels to the Da Vinci Code)

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  1. August 18, 2010 4:08 am

    Good to see the Project ‘with the lights on’…that was my initial enthusiastic thought upon seeing a new Quote…
    However, after reading the Quote, reality walked in, got comfortable and the thought came to me, “Damn, I gots nothin!’

    ‘OK, don’t panic, you are simply ‘out of shape’ for this kind of exercise’, was my second, slightly less exhuberant thought.
    Eventually came the realization that while the struggle is within, rather than without…that struggle pales against the feeling you get when you look within and see nothing, no constructive/insightful/enlightening thoughts. (Sort of a spiritual path Writer’s Block)
    When/if you ever can take the complete measure of yourself and yet find the path continuing still onward into the future…I suspect that that is where things really get interesting.

    I tend to find it easy (and fun) to rummage through the self (metaphorically) and look at all the interesting items that we have forgotten we have, but when that is done and we know there is still much further to go…
    …we think we have accounted for all that society has imposed on us and all that (we think) we have imposed on ourselves and we are still “not there”…I suppose all that can be done is sit quietly…wait, knowing that nothing stands still forever.

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