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In The Beginning…It’s Time To Write A New Story Of Life

April 24, 2010

What has been difficult for me in this whole enlightenment project is seeing the whole vision of myself and a whole vision of the new world to come (that is ironically already here along with the vision of self) and not knowing where exactly to begin in realizing that vision. It’s like being a city planner that understands and has an idea of the great and vast landscape of that city but is adrift in where and how exactly to begin putting those ideas down onto paper and into planning so that the city can actually become a reality.

This is one of the challenges I have always had in my spiritual journey, spending more time in the ether, staying above everything, but neglecting the fact that my feet are on the ground and my physical body consists of the same elements that make up the physical world. Jesus taught us to “Be in the world, but not of the world” and this is where I have struggled mightily, so focused on “not of the world” that I have forgotten that I Am in the world and have to sometimes get my hands dirty and clean up messes, as well as revel in the created beauty of this place.

In that ether, in the wholeness (the Pleroma that the ancient Gnostics spoke about), it all makes sense, the spiritual lessons and reasoning behind things are clear and apparent, and there is a certainty of light, and truth, and eternity. But that is all a whimsical myth if it is not married to the reality of the everyday.

Everyday there is struggle and triumph, opportunities to grow and sow goodness, as well as falter and cause strife. Each day is tied to myriad thoughts and emotions that are the ingredients for creating the vision of the self and the new world that has been hinted at by the line of Prophets, but not yet fully realized on a grand and global scale.

I was having lunch with a good friend the other day that reiterated what my beautiful wife has always told me. “If you are going to teach and write about this stuff, you’ve got to start with the nuts and bolts, the basics, or you’ll lose people” and it struck a deep and ancient chord of truth in me. I, we, all have to start with the basics, just like the city planner, who, while holding the vision (which is critical), has to start with the outlines, the plans, the piping, and schematics, so that the rest can be filled in. In that way the vision is realized.

And so it is for each one of us if we are ever to realize that enlightened state where swords are turned into plowshares, and we all live by the truth of the Golden Rule, doing unto others as we would have them do unto us.

For me, I’ve always had an understanding of the basics, and I have assumed that everyone else has had that understanding as well. And so I have immediately jumped into more heady stuff, how it all ties together, the deeper meanings of good and evil, the nature of God as masculine and feminine, the underlying streams that tie religion together. And while that is all well and good, to most people that stuff does not seem to matter (yet), because they’re more concerned (and rightly so) about the fact they haven’t slept well for three years, stressed out about jobs, relationships, debt, etc., etc. Or they just want to feel good (feel God) and don’t care about the finite details of theology (that I could spend one thousand and one nights discussing). Only now am I finally getting this.

My wife has a love for books that is almost frightening, devouring a book everyday or two. I swear she has sucked the marrow out of our public library system in her quest for the next great story. She is also a huge lover of music and the one constant in the books and music that she holds above others is the telling of the human story. When I first would hear about this “human story” it was always tied to some tragic tale, or a story of some difficulty or drama a person was going through and I would often think that it was NOT the human story, it was the story of someone caught up in their own shit and unwilling to accept responsibility for their actions and create the change in their lives that would lead them to a better place. But it is the human story and I admit the error of my thoughts and judgments, and now stand corrected. Each human story has tragedy, suffering, triumph, failure, love, fear, every emotion and thought pattern is there. And it is unique for each one of us. We each tell a story of our own lives, and where the power and freedom comes is that we are each penning that story, creating it each moment of each day, whether we realize that or not. And that story is nobody else’s but our own.

The human story, however, doesn’t begin at 30 years old (or 80 years old for that matter). I don’t honestly know if the human story every really began, I’m beginning to think it has just always been. The human story is a continuation of creation, each one a thread in the tapestry of life, which in turns is a thread in the tapestry of the infinite (of God).

However, our personal and physical story for this particular life does begin when the sperm and egg come together and the single cells becomes two becomes four becomes high school graduation, a mortgage, a promotion, another life story. But it started when two came together to create one, a continuation of the life stories of those two that gave of themselves to achieve that miraculous union of the growth of life in the womb to be birthed and grow and live and die and live on.

I guess our stories are like waves in an endless sea, individual yet connected, with the ground of the sea sustaining our wholeness (or maybe it should be Holiness), those stories creating one grand library of experience. Our stories (and ourselves) are currents of life force in the Cosmic River, each one as beautiful and miraculous and worthy as the other, not better or worse, just different and unique. It comes down to that fact that we are all part of something great, part of eternity, part of it all, significant and worthwhile.

To realize the vision of a new world and new self, we’ve got to start writing a new story for our lives. We’ve got to break it down to the basics, strip away the dogma, the conditioning, and the crap. Edit and revise.

Where to begin? How about…In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, and it was good

Now…the rest of the story? That’s in our hands.

To be continued…


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  1. April 26, 2010 4:22 am

    Good Post…actually the right Post for me, at this moment in time.

    I also love to explore the abstract elements and especially the connections, or more properly, (I love) to discover the connectedness that exists among all things.
    In this realm (of intellectual reflection) the magic is still very much in existance, no need to mark things, ‘this is a part of the Power, by virtue of this other thing…’ you simply recognise it for what it is, or as you put it, ‘in the wholeness…it all makes sense’.

    While not on the plane of religious context that your efforts are, I share both the enjoyment of seeing the wholeness and the drive/need/desire to present it outwards.
    There is a concept, found in a major 12 step recovery program, referred to as identification. They use it in (their) context in order to encourage people to go easy on the specifics of life experience and rather listen to the commonalities. (Their saying, ‘try to identify with and not compare to’).

    Very effective for them, good advice in general. These points (of commonality) are usually scattered and of a diverse nature. Not just facts of a life or features of a homelife or the difficulties of a job, but rather it is the points of common ‘appreciation’. I put the word in quotes because I suspect that I mean something that might be called ’emotional resonance’. The “oh yeah, I get what you mean” moments.

    Funny you should use the construct of writing a new story. I really got a kick out of that, for reasons that you no doubt understand and any (new) Readers will get if they read some of the older Posts. As you know I take a similar view (as to the writings of this Post) but my application tends to be on a more mundane, even profane level. (Am indulging in using the word ‘profane’ in it’s older use, i.e. non-religious, secular point of view).

    Anyway, in my discussions with friends at the WD, I have employed the allegory that I am writing the script of the world; that what happens around me (and by extension experienced by others) is somehow ‘issuing’ from me. Further, (in this discussion) the need for a ‘better’ storyline become totally obvious, lol.

    As I write this, the sense of synchronicity that I have been encountering since starting my own blog becomes more pronounced. Not just here at the Project, but at other sites, in different context(s); Mel’s site, ‘the Spatula’, often has me saying, ‘yeah I was just sayin to the homies that exact thing!’
    Wildly different contexts, but the same feeling.

    Am going on and on…thanks again for providing a place to challenge myself.

    (btw: have been noticing an acceleration in the apparent passage of time, of late. More than the normal, ‘as you get older time seems to go by faster’. A definite increase, as in “It’s already 3 o’clock!? Not enough time in the day!”
    Just wonderin…


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