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Sunday Scripture – Listen To Your Subconscious?

February 16, 2010

Man…up is down, left is right…schedules change and you forget what day it is. Need proof? I didn’t only forget to post a Sunday Scripture on Sunday, I also forgot to take the garbage out…woops.  How do you fit two weeks garbage into a one week capacity can? Looks like I’ll find out.

This cartoon made me laugh as I swear it is how the that voice inside sometimes works…at least for me.


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  1. clarkscottroger permalink
    February 18, 2010 5:09 am

    …it wasn’t me it was my subconcious!

    To this day I recall being in high school German class and trying bring the langauge from my sub-conscious ( not totally insane as we lived in Germany when I was totally young and family stories held that I spoke German first (as a 4 year old) to be supplanted by English immediately thereafter), but in the 10th grade I spent a lot of time not practising the homework because I knew if I got right, it would all come back.

    Hey Jason great Topic, as I am just thinking about my little language adventure and now realize that no matter what I had for language (German) it was connected to/powered by/expressed by a 4 year old. Not a 16 year old (in High School).

    How much of ‘ourselves’ do we maintain that existed ‘appropriately’ at one time in our lives yet we drag it along through life, like an old suit in the closet that we know all we have to do is get it altered a little take it to the dry cleaners and it will be way better than spending all that money on a new suit?

    Damn. Sort of makes you think that there is nothing real other than what occurs in the here and now, a concept that I begin to grasp (a little) only now.
    On the plus side, in the here and now (when I can get there) there can be no fear, as fear is usually an anticipation of a future event and the here and now ain’t got no future (or past).

    Good to visit. I enjoy these little ‘workouts’. Thanks


    • February 24, 2010 10:25 am

      Trying to pull a language from your subconscious reminds me of a story I heard once about a monk (might’ve been a saint, or saintly monk, can’t quite remember), who was able to tap into the collective consciousness and speak any language he encountered. That would be my superpower in answer to the question “What superpower would you have if you could pick one?”

      Very interesting, though, what you say about the expression of that language from the 4 year old perspective. Just how much of our lives are influenced by thoughts, experiences, conditionings, etc. that were planted in our make-up at an early age, and continue to influence, guide, or subvert us so many, many years later.

      It really is about the here and now, and how theoretically easy it is to “allow” that to be, yet so frustratingly difficult to allow because we are always trying to “get to” where we already are.

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