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This Sums Up What A Lot Of People Feel About Obama

December 16, 2009

Read a post today on the Huffington Post that sums up what I gather a lot of people are feeling about Obama, a President that I personally think is teetering on the audacity of what the hell are you doing with your administration?

Here it is:

To Gather Up One’s Rage from Stephen Gyllenhall

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  1. Melanie Chase permalink
    December 17, 2009 5:34 pm

    Wow, interesting times, interesting people and interesting views. It would also be interesting to flag this for next year at this time and compare and see all of what has transpired in 2010. Whatever the road America takes we all go there together. Most of us are just along for the ride because we are Americans, we really have no loud voice to say “turn” or “stop” or “go”… we are just backseat drivers so to speak with little voices that say “are we there yet?”. I have no answers and really can’t think of the right questions so I wonder as I sit in the back seat with everyone else… there is still something to look at, and I wonder what the next turn will bring…
    Thanks J.

  2. clarkscottroger permalink
    December 18, 2009 1:47 pm

    I have to agree with Melanie on this one (not that I consider it a bad thing, to agree…) but with some modifications I subscribe to the acceptance that we are…just along for the ride.
    (Perhaps) one of the ways to ‘push back’ is to not push back (italics here).
    We have many myths in our country/culture and one of them is that it is a free country and everyone has a voice. I would suggest that indulging in protesting (letters to editors, or complaints of other forms) only serves to maintain the illusion of a ‘free’ society.
    When it serves their purposes, they (whoever they might be) point to the ‘protest’ and ‘see this is a free society, the people have a say and things can be changed…’
    Except they do not and will not be changed in any way to the benefit of the individual, not if the interests of the corporations is in the balance.
    But the system thrives on the illusion of a ‘free society, it helps justify a whole bunch of things that the State does in the name of the People.
    Maybe we should all refrain from protest, of any sort.
    Like a dysfunctional family with an abusive adult, all of the ‘family myths’ (he works so hard, she does love her children…) only help support the the abuser.

    Hey, Jason (after reading my own Comment) I think I better stick to the metaphysics…I am too prone to being drawn into the morass…

  3. Melanie Chase permalink
    December 18, 2009 2:32 pm

    I am with you clarkscottroger, I also do much better with the metapsychics.

  4. December 28, 2009 10:02 pm

    This comment will be brief as I am working on a post regarding my thoughts about living in the illusion and what roles we can, do, or don’t play as the world continues to revolve around its axis.

    I have to say I struggle (mightily) with the role of passenger and going along for the ride. There is a part of me that has tried to stay out of it, but then I feel like the monk in the cave that is meditating on peace, but doing nothing tangible for that outcome. Jesus told us to resist not evil, and I know, within the quantum realm that the more you push against something the more energy you give to maintaining its existence. But I have to remember that I do live in the world, a world that I see operating under a faulty, illusory, and deceptive system of control. And in seeing that operation, I also feel within myself the desire to help change that system.

    I have to admit that I held an ounce of hope that Obama would come in and affect great change. But like I told my wife before he was elected, it really wouldn’t matter if Obama was elected because the system is corrupt and broken. Having worked in the government contracting field in a previous part of my life, I saw this corrupt and broken system firsthand. And it is insidious because it pulls great “bait and switch” tactics on us, distracting us from just how corrupt and broken it really is.

    How to affect change…I don’t yet know. But there is a part of me that refuses to sit back, no matter how hard I have tried. A part of me that has tried to stay above it all, but is having a hard time doing that. A part of me that wants to rail, and froth, and shout to everyone “WAKE UP”! I have tried to suppress it, but it is getting harder and harder to do so.

    What that means for me and my future I don’t know…maybe the post I mentioned will help me understand more.

    Guess this didn’t turn out to be short after all…

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