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Got Crabs?

November 29, 2009

The following tidbit was posted recently on Facebook by my brother-in-law. Thought it was worth a post…


Eric’s Genius Nugget Of The Day

Some people are like crabs, when a bucket is full of crabs not one can escape because they pull each other back down.

So if you know someone that is not a happy person and they cause drama for every one around them… IT’S BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO BE WITH OTHERS THAT ARE AT THEIR LEVEL OR WORSE OFF. SO THEY CAN BE SATISFIED WITH THEIR OWN LIVES…

Have any of you heard of the happy wanderer? That is the guy/ girl who has a smile on their face and is practically whisteling while walking down the street. If you are that person, im happy for you and i am about four steps behind you, and after my child custody issue I’ll be walking with you…

If you are walking down the street and you see a happy wanderer and the first thing through your mind is “Man, I want to punch them in the face”… YOU ARE A CRAB.

P.S. If you are a crab and want to feel like the Happy Wanderer, the answer is out there and I will help you…PROZAC!

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  1. clarkscottroger permalink
    December 2, 2009 4:15 am

    (not bad, lol)
    In keeping with this theme (of sharing emotion/energy) I have a sort of meme that I acquired from 2 primary sources and have let it grow into a ‘thought template’.

    ‘The world is a feeling. I am responsible for how I feel.’
    (I realise upon reading this that I may have used this (here) before, forgive me if I repeat myself.) But it does apply to the topic at hand.

    I am responsible for how I feel says it all. I will see and I will avoid the ‘crabs; referenced above, because even though they cannot make me feel a certain way, I have come to believe more and more that since my life is finite, why would I want to waste time. Meaning contact with the ‘crabs’ of the world is a distraction one that I can ill afford.

    In fact, I have gone way down that road pre-emptively in terms of how much of the (popular) culture I subject myself to on a day to day basis. Don’t bother with the news/current events anymore.
    If the world is ending, I’m sure I will find out in good time. And if I don’t agree with the (ending of) the world, they will not change because I protest.

    This is not an isolation thing, it is not about going around with a blindfold on, it is more of a relevancy thing. I am choosing what is relevant to my (current) life.

    That in and of itself is an interesting thing to consider; the ‘why’ of our involvement in negative culture. I actually hear it from people, “My God you can’t ignore the news, how will you know whats going on?!”.
    Again, unless the world ends, I can report that I can function quite well in the world of business and pleasure without knowing about how we are saving the world from terrorism or what the price of oil is doing because someone is getting upset. Or how the current events in Oceania will affect interest rates.
    (Damn, the novel 1984 becomes more and more relevant, I mean I have heard what amounts to literally saying that ‘war is peace’ and there is a effort to control the past. And…)

    That (above) is why I leave the ‘real world’ alone as much as possible.
    I find it irristible once I get hooked into the mindset. Even when I am opposing the way the culture is, they win. They have me spending my limited time thinking about them, rather than something worthhile.

    So thanks again for your efforts, Jason. I have a need, as we all do, to engage intellectually with the world, I would rather get my exercise here than screaming at the evening news stories on the TV.

    • December 6, 2009 2:27 pm

      You hit the nail on the head with what you are saying. I have often told people that to be selfless, you must be selfish first, and this is in line with what you are saying. We are each responsible for how we live, create, and respond to the world (what I feel your meme is communicating). And that responsibility means that we must become selfish in how we use our energy, and what we let in to our energy sphere. In other words, we must separate the chaff from the wheat in what we give and what we receive.

      Ultimately, there is no right or wrong in this process, no judgment towards good or bad (regardless of what religion, parents, cultures, and/or politics might try and get us to believe). There is only what we choose to be responsible for in our creative will.

      Before, I would generally go into a “hermit in the cave” type of existence when it came to an interaction with the world. Now, I have reached a point where I realize I don’t need to shut myself off as much as I can allow others their ways of existence while allowing myself that existence as well. Selfishly, it might mean that others are not in alignment or approval with that existence. But in reality, it’s not their business, anymore than it is my business to tell them that what to think, do, say, or be.

      My world is a reflection of my own inner being. I am responsible and accountable for that. In selfishness, I can create and live in the world in the way I choose. It is a feeling, and I am the one that creates that feeling (whether I realize that or am ignorant to my own power to create). And, in all honesty, selfishness is the only way to actually embrace the true nature of our being.

      The distraction of others becomes less of an issue when I allow them (free of judgment) to live. In not resisting them, I allow them, and in allowing them, I free up my own energy and power to live the life I am responsible for. I care more about my own well-being than I do about theirs, knowing that in bringing forth my well-being, I am positively creating in this world. It’s the old “you can’t be sick enough to heal disease, hungry enough to cure hunger, or poor enough to remedy poverty”. Misery might love company, but misery is actually a choice. Just as well-being is a choice.

      It is very liberating. Others might say it is escapist. And that is true. Freedom from the chains of ignorance and suffering is an escape from those chains. And it is an action that is available to us all.

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