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Celebrating The 27th Annual International Day of Peace

September 21, 2009

Happy International Day of Peace everyone! That’s right, today is Peace Day! Oh…what to envision a world where this day is a day celebrated by all, a true holiday where you get the time off to truly focus and participate in activities centered on Peace.

I was fortunate enough participate in a twenty minute Peace Day Webinar event entitled “Co-creating a Peaceful World: A Synchronized CGI Event” put on by The Global Coherence Initiative, “a science-based initiative to unite millions of people in heart-focused care and intention to shift global consciousness from instability and discord to balance, cooperation and enduring peace.”

In this webinar, people from around the world participated in a Care Focus for Peace Day, a concentrated focus of care coming from the heart with the intention of helping to effect change in the frequency of the world toward that enduring peace.

The following is the text from that focus:

Care Focus: Peace Day

A world that respects individual human rights and authentic communication, has balance, conscious leadership and compassionate governing systems worldwide, values the preservation of resource, has love and respect for animals and environmental balance.

A world that provides food, pure water, shelter and world peace for all.

Create your own additions and remember to enrich your vision with genuine feelings from your heart’s desire so as to give it life.

Close with a moment of gratitude and the request that whatever manifests only be the highest best for the whole.

After this webinar, I allowed myself to envision a world where this type of focus was participated in by the citizens of this planet. I imagined what would happen if the International Day of Peace was truly a global holiday, a day where we all stopped and truly focused on peace – peace with our self, with our families and neighbors, with our lives and situations, with the world – and what incredible changes could occur if this happened, if the branches of our family tree united for even a minute in global peace. The affect that would have almost made me pass out.

We are so powerful, individually and, even more so, collectively. Imagine that radical, powerful, uniting shift in consciousness if we were all to focus on peace at one time, in one effort, in one sublime moment.

For me, I would hope that everyday could become a Peace Day, even for five minutes, to just sit back, turn off the reality TV, the nightly news, the Blackberry, the e-mail, the radio, and just enter into peace, then focusing that peace into life.

This is my intention and dedication on this International Day of Peace – to focus daily, even for just five minutes, on the Holiness that is peace in all creation.

The CGI website has a great tool to help with this type of focus called the Global Care Room. To get there click on the CGI website link and then click on the Global Care Room link on the left hand side of the page. In the room, there is a guided practice to help you enter into a peaceful, heartfelt space of focus, as well as a map that shows you others in the world that are participating at the same time you are. It can be a very powerful tool for peace if you choose to use it.

Another resource for peace is the Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI). From their website: “The Culture of Peace Initiative (CPI) is a co-operative Peacebuilding Initiative to unite the strengths of existing organizations, projects and peoples in building a Culture of Peace for future generations. CPI serves as a vehicle for bringing to light the previously unseen and unheard Peacebuilders working towards Peace along diverse pathways.” Today they are the hosting a 24 hour World Peace Celebration and Global Broadcast commemorating this 27th Annual UN International Day of Peace

We can be creators of peace in our own lives, our immediate spheres of existence, and for the world as a whole. We have the power and the ability. But we must summon the desire and the commitment from within.

Just five minutes a day. Less time than it takes to probably do your standard Facebook check.

Five minutes a day for peace – that is my prayer today.


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