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Break Free The Chains And Lies – Your Freedom Is Waiting

September 8, 2009

You’ve been sold a bill goods when it comes to life. You’ve bought into a system that has no regard for your wellbeing, your future, your growth, or the higher good of your soul. This system has enslaved you, used you, and will toss you out with the garbage when you are no longer of value. It does not care about you, it only cares about the perpetuation of itself.

This system started using you when you were young and impressionable. It began feeding you lies about how the world works, how God views you, what you can or cannot accomplish. It might have used the touchy feely method as its chains of apathy, or it could have used the harsh brutality convincing you that you were unworthy. This indoctrination started you on the path of the human condition, falsifying claims about “the way life is”, how “only the strong survive”, and that “you better be grateful about your lot because there are others out there that would give everything to be in your position”. Sound familiar? It is the same for all of us, albeit the package might have been different.

The human condition is ironic in that there is no real human condition. There is no dividing line between how humans work and function outside of the rest of the world. But there is the conditioned human that thinks it is outside of this world, indoctrinated at that young age into the system that preys on this conditioning – seducing, lying, and numbing you into a willing participation.

It is hard to break free of the slavery to this system. This system that lives on fear, depression, numbness, violence, debt, illness, damnation, and greed; bludgeoning your mind into submission, submission that we willingly dive into because we have been indoctrinated into its “truth”. And the crazy thing is – its all one big f*cking lie. A lie we gorge on daily, afraid of our neighbors and family, afraid our sickness, afraid of God, afraid of sin, afraid of death, afraid of the drug dealer, afraid of the terrorists, afraid of the enemy at the gates that just isn’t there – until we so believe it is that the boogeyman can’t not exist. We create the self-fulfilling prophecies that our fear breeds because we look for them, search for them, and expect them to appear daily. And thus they do. And the slavemaster of fear sits back content as you spend another day bound with invisible chains.

There have been those who have lived in this world that have exposed these lies. Brave souls that underwent the necessary transformation to live anew, free of the system of slavery, overcoming death, and exposing the lies of sin and fear. People like Jesus and Buddha, human beings, that saw the lies of fear for what they were, a system of illusion, the playground of the adversary, and one big ruse that only exists while we, as conditioned humans, believe it and sustain it. But this fear, a mental thought construct of this system, does not stand up to scrutiny when it is exposed to the truth of our reality.

Our reality, when revealed beyond the conditioning is not one of fear, violence, greed, destruction, but one of unity, cooperation, wellbeing, and, I dare say, love. Jesus and Buddha showed us this in their otherworldy compassion and love. And it is otherwordly to our mode of thinking because it does not mesh with the fear-based system we currently inhabit.

Know this – Jesus and Buddha underwent intensive processes of deconstruction and transformation to realize this true nature of being. They were examples of the human potential realized, not some one-off anomalies of God or Buddha incarnate, but the revelation of the Buddha/Christ that is the enlightened nature of our existence, when we have woken up and freed ourselves from the lies of the system that corrupts us, destroys us, lies to us, and numbs us with distraction from fear. And if we realize their nature as it is in all of us, we can recognize that they helped carve a path through the jungle of fear, leaving a trail that aids us in our own enlightenment.

Understand also that this system will fight to keep you, because it needs your energy to sustain it. It tried to destroy Jesus through the crucifixion, aiming to stamp out the truth he was revealing. He transcended the cross, however, overcoming the illusion of death and fear, shaking the foundation of the hell of lies itself. He was the brave example of what we all can realize. Unfortunately for us, this system got its vengeance and elevated Jesus to a separate station of God Himself, thus removing his human revelation from our consciousness and creating another false ideal that Jesus is perfect, we are sinners, he will save us, but we must pledge our allegiance to that which is, again, outside of ourselves. Another perpetuation of the system of slavery, separating us from the glory of life through the deification and separation of one who overcame.

Do you see how insidious this illusion is? How it uses systems that were intended to help free us from the lies against us, perpetuating its control? It thrives in the falsehood, and it uses our false notions of life to maintain control over all aspects of our servitude. And it does this through our ego, that false self that maintains the lies in its conditioned beliefs about reality.

And it is that ego that must be discovered, deconstruction, and destroyed within you, if you are to live free, reborn into the true light of the ultimate reality, enlightened, awake, and free. It is this ego that exists because of fear, filling your thoughts with worry, stress, fear of the “other”, occupying you consciousness with the need to live within this system, as a part of it, because that is your duty, obligation, and responsibility – conditioned to believe because it is what you “know”. It feeds you with addictions that numb you to this truth – with alcohol, food, prozac, reality TV, Facebook, work, sex, gambling, whatever gives you that little sense of comfort, keeps you distracted, occupies your energy – just enough to keep you asleep, or apathetic, or afraid, bound to this system of lies.

But there is that little voice inside you, that little spark of recognition that screams from your soul, trying to break through these layers of conditioning, through the numbness, through the lies and fears and invisible chains. “Wake Up!” it screams, “There’s gotta be more to life than this.” It pleads with you, but you must listen. It’s like a muffled voice underneath piles and piles of garbage and rubble and discarded hopes and dreams. You are sleep walking through life and it is trying to wake you up, by any means necessary. That is why it so often takes a tragedy, a death, a hellish scare, or accident to get you to pay attention and reevaluate what is important in life. It seems to be one of the only ways we’ll get the message through the zombie haze.

You’ve gotta stop and listen to this voice. It is always there, to guide you, to communicate with you, to show you the door that you must walk through to be free. But you have to listen. The ego will fight you doing so, because it knows its demise is certain if you do. And so it will convince you that rest is lazy, you can sleep when your dead, there are things that have to be done, you can’t forsake your responsibility, that all of this unrealistic, that you are unworthy anyway, that you better occupy every waking hour with work, television, alcohol, appointments, more, more, more. And thus your energy is dissipated, flung to the far reaches of your world, and you cannot summon the strength to break free. And the ego continues to win, surviving, while you are the living the dead, praying you never see the door that leads to your freedom.

That door, ironically has no lock, no guard, nothing keeping you from walking to your freedom other than your thoughts that bind you in fear and ego. You are like the elephant at the circus, chained to a log at a young age, conditioned to think that you can’t move that log, and as you grow to the point where that log is an insignificant stick, you still believe the lie that says you are bound to where that log sits. The log that holds you back is insignificant to the truth of who you are. Break free.

Run. Don’t walk. Your freedom is waiting.

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  1. clarkscottroger permalink
    September 16, 2009 2:02 am

    ‘That door, ironically has no lock, no guard, nothing keeping you from walking to your freedom other than your thoughts that bind you in fear and ego’

    Well said.

    Read somewhere, the disciple was pressing the master for the ‘Answer’, master kept saying , ‘the words to describe it (the Answer) will be useless, if you do not have the personal power to deal with it’ (very badly paraphrased).

    I like that you make the point that the struggle is always within, it is our thoughts and beliefs, knowledge and desire that are the real chains.

    I would add that there is an emotional component to the structure of our beliefs (about who we are and how we relate to the world at large.)
    It is this emotional side that makes lasting change so difficult, even to those who think they want ‘freedom’.
    The lifeblood of our thoughts and beliefs is the emotions that become linked to them. Thoughts respond to logic and are basically rational, emotions are neither. The raw power that maintains our belief structure is emotional.

    My own belief is that this explains why the ‘deconstruction’ you mention above is always required as part of the process of ‘breaking the chains’.
    Easy enough to change what you think, but try and change the emotional content (to these thoughts) not so easy.

    If I might add: power (within) is never a gift and it is never ‘earned’. You can only claim it (and hope you can hang on to it).
    On the plus side, endless power is available in the ‘here and now’. If you can get there and stay there. (of course, there is no ‘there’ , there.)

    (Must end here, my computer has run out of parentheses and single quotes.

    • September 16, 2009 11:29 pm

      The emotional component is very strong. What happens so often is we invest in our emotions and often get a very damaging return on them. It is the emotional link that definitely maintains the belief structure of ego through guilt, fear, vengeance, anger, etc. but there are also the emotions such as love and, I would say, compassion that can create a more “positive” change in our state of being. But this emotional investment that is made is what often keeps people bound in the sleep state, not wanting to rid themselves of something because they have devoted so much energy to it (like a bad relationship, or a religious tradition, or a political viewpoint).

      Understanding emotion and how the ego uses that emotion to maintain itself is critical. This is why the traditions preach the absolute necessity of forgiveness for example. Forgiveness is a process of self-healing when understood from an ego-free perspective. Where the ego will look at forgiveness as letting the offender of the hook, letting them get away with something, it is truly a process of releasing that emotional tie and freeing up the energy and power of the self. If someone committed an offense against you 10 years ago and you have not forgiven that person, they continue to hurt you in your current state and have done so for those 10 years. But when you forgive them, you are freeing yourself from that hurt, not forgetting the event, but not continuing to invest yourself in the hurt, pain, and suffering of it. Just as self forgiveness is necessary to expunge something like guilt. It is that process of taking your power back from where it is scattered and depleted by the ego.

      Emotion is the powerful creative force that, when united with the logic of thought, creates the world we see. Unfortunately, for so many in this world, that creation is done by default and/or through reaction to something. As you break the chains of old thoughts, patterns, conditions, etc. your emotional state begins to follow suit. You begin to realize that you are a creative force, shaping the world (whether you like it or not, whether you take responsibility for that or not). And I think one of the big things about changing thoughts and emotional states is giving yourself permission to do so.

      It is a process that, as you say, must be claimed and done. It is simple, but not necessarily easy. Although, I have often seen where people hide behind how difficult it is as a way to maintain that state and not do the work.

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