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Sunday Scripture – State Of Fear?

September 6, 2009

I just finished reading Michael Crichton’s “State of Fear” which proved to be a very interesting and thought-provoking work dealing with climate change and global warming.

I have long felt that much of what we are fed by the media, the government, religious institutes, etc. are fear based programs designed to keep us in a “survivalist” mentality, a literal state of fear that enslaves us to a system that is dependent on us for its own survival.

I’m working on a post about this now that I will be publishing in the near future, however, for now, I encourage you to watch this interview with Crichton from Charlie Rose (it is close to an hour long, but you might find it to be an hour very well spent).

Remember: This is a quest for truth and oftentimes what we hold as truth is a manipulated presentation of “facts” and “findings” that support a position, bias, or group that has, or is trying to get, power – regardless of what side of the aisle the supposed truth comes from.

It’s about thinking for yourself and not being afraid of what you find – even if that destroys what you have held so near and dear for so long. Enjoy

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