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Fearing The Truth – Hamas Leader Denies Nazi Genocide of Jews.

August 31, 2009

In the face of truth, can the ego do anything more damaging than denying what is?

Hamas leader denies Nazi genocide of Jews.

Hamas, you keep your people in the dark to garner support for your perverse brand on Islam. You’re not even Muslim in my eyes, you are an ideological group like the Taliban that is narcissistic, violent, oppressive, and perverse, maintaining some sense of control through ignorance, suppression, and brutality. You trumpet your virtues of freedom fighting, Islamic ideals, and helping the forgotten and oppressed, yet you continually show your true colors to those who see you for what you are – a controlling group of radical extremists that maintain that control through lies, ignorance, and fear. You preach piety through the sword, yet cannot see that you yourself are the blind one. You invoke Allah so that you cannot be questioned, existing more in the Dark Age Christian rhetoric that your Muslim forebearers helped see this world through than the light of truth.

You are so afraid of the truth that you deny knowledge. You are so afraid of being found out that you distort and corrupt the minds of those you say you serve. You are the ego personified, locked behind a wall of self-preservation, perpetually battling the gathering hordes at the gates, shunning responsibility for your plight to those who you blame for your oppression, yet continuing to commit acts like this that maintain your foothold of “caregiver” and “savior” when you are anything but.

I’ve grown weary of hearing how Israel is the root of all your problems. I’ve grown weary of your cause to destroy the Jewish State. I’ve grown weary of how you ruin your children’s lives under the banner of “Destroy the Occupier”.

I have been a profound supporter of Palestine. I have visited the West Bank, crossed through the security wall, talked to Palestinians about their existence. I have had the strings of my heart pulled by the cabdriver who is struggling to provide for his family because he can no longer work in Jerusalem. And I have been called an imperialist and vilified by those at the wall who condemned me for being an American. “Why would you ever support Palestine, you are a pro-Israel American” when I declined the invitation to buy an overpriced necklace. I want to see the security wall come down (the old “walls only serve to divide” thing). I personally think that the Israeli settlements in the West Bank should not only have further construction stopped, I think they should be removed. And I also believe in the reality of the fact that there is an Israeli State (where I have been to Jewish, Christian, and Muslim houses of worship, and been patted down to ensure that I’m not a suicide bomber – because the “pregant” lady just might be). And I think denying the fact that there is an Israeli State (this goes not only for Hamas but all those countries I can’t go to with an Israeli passport stamp), does no good in helping achieve viable peace for the Palestinians, Israelis, and all other people who just want the ability to raise their children in a healthy environment. And I hurt for those Palestinians, that accepted me and talked with me, as well as those who vilified me, as they live in desperate straits. But Hamas has no intention of peace until the Jewish State of Israel is destroyed. And because of that, they choose to maintain the desperation of the Gazans. Denying what is truth is the fear of the truth, and that, Hamas, is exactly the ploy that ego uses to maintain its control and true oppression of the spirit. You are an agent of the true oppressor.

Hamas, your power comes from conflict, without which you would not exist. That is the sad state you perpetuate in Gaza. The funny thing is, if this was still Old Testament time, the IDF would have smited your lot. Yet you lob missiles at Israel, preach terror and “Death to Israel” to your children, and deny them the ability to find out the truth for themselves – knowing you can get away with it, murdering your own, and placing the tag of “martyrdom” on your children to make it alright and justified. You give the families under your control nuggets of charity, then lob missiles and hate speech to ensure they will never receive true sustenance.

I pray for the Palestinians, that they will be able to live in a viable and healthy state of their own, a state where there children are free to pursue their dreams. Hamas, you only serve to perpetuate their nightmare.


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