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Rule #1: Don’t Take Yourself (Or Your Religion) Too Seriously – Muslims Angry Over German Football Song’s Reference To Prophet Mohammed

August 7, 2009

The first rule of enlightenment – Don’t take yourself (or your religion) so damn seriously. I mean really, getting angry over a German football song’s reference to the Prophet Mohammed ? C’mon now. Are there not better places to direct your energy? Call me blasphemous, but I’d be willing to bet my eternal salvation on the fact that God’s not sitting there waiting to smite the FC Schalke 04 football club and their supporters for this little ditty:

Muhammad was a prophet who understood nothing about football                                                               But of all the lovely colours he chose [Schalke’s] blue and white.

-Translated from the original German

Then again, maybe Mohammed (PBUH) was a cracking little player in his day and the complaints have more to do with this than the song being a mockery of Islam.

Fortunately, more reasonable heads have prevailed:

“From our point of view, the song is neither blasphemy, nor does it constitute mockery of the prophet,” Aiman Mazyek, the general secretary of Germany’s Central Council of Muslims, said Wednesday on N24 television, arguing that the anthem could stay the way it is.

There is religious sensitivity, and then there’s religious ridiculousness. For me this is in the ridiculous camp. Gotta lighten up if you want the enlightenment. Taking yourself or your religion too seriously will only result in self-inflicted wounds (a little trick of that blasted ego). And nobody wants to be around the cranky guy.

It can be easy and almost tempting to go looking for something to offend you in this world. Just know, it’s often that ego rearing its ugly little head.

Chill out.


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