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Babies and Bath Water, Chaff and Wheat, and Opium

August 3, 2009

One question I have been asked by many atheists and “non-believers” is: “How can someone as intelligent and thoughtful as you believe in God and religion?”

I pose that question in reverse to the non-believer, the atheist: “How can someone as intelligent and thoughtful as you not believe in God?”

Notice how I left religion out of it?

Religious systems offer a wonderful package of marketing, public relations, and spin to help keep the masses enthralled, entertained, and oftentimes imprisoned. Yet, for all commercial mumbo-jumbo, they offer very little in the way of real, honest-to-goodness results. Think about this for a second…

Are we more loving as a world because of Jesus? Are we more peaceful as a world because of Mohamed? Are we more compassionate because of Buddha? I would venture to guess that we are not. Call me blasphemous for saying this but I understand why people like Bill Maher, among others, thing the whole religion and God thing is a pile of horse crap, one big mess of stink. You would think, if people were really living the way Jesus lived there would be a whole world of people loving there neighbors, doing good works, caring more for others wellbeing than how their stock portfolio is performing. If Islam was truly doing the business, really helping people submit to God’s will, war would be non-existent, killing would not be a ticket to Paradise, and people would care more about others than about avenging some “honor” that has been dirtied. And if Buddhism brings enlightenment, where are the enlightened Buddhists?

What you must understand about the majority of religion today is that it is not so much about you becoming the Christhood, or submitting your will to Allah so that you will live Allah’s will, or the realization of your enlightened, Buddha nature, as it is about control and power. Religion, as it has been for so long, is a commodity and a profit-making venture, like any other commercial business, amassing wealth, power, and control. The same way the Health care industry keeps you on medication and fearing the next health crisis looming in your immediate future so that you keep buying the service, so does the current religious system keep you coming back for more, never reaching the point that you are not in need of what they can provide (for a small fee, or a large donation, or a specifically appointed tithe).

When you begin the process of recognizing your own ego and the tricks and devices it uses to maintain its control over you, so will you have the awareness to see these same tactics in other systems of control. The dogma and rhetoric of organized religion is founded on this control, and that is why the results are not there to see, and will never be there to see because they come after death, in heaven or paradise, or they come in the next life. Do you see how this works?  You can never achieve salvation through modern day Christianity until you have died and go through the Pearly Gates, you will never live in the Muslim Paradise of God’s Will living through you until you achieve death in this world, and Enlightenment might be yours in the next life but probably not this one, thank you, come again.

Organized religion, as it exists today, needs you to come back – for you are its customer. If you become as the Christ, if you truly submitted to God’s will, if you are enlightened, you will no longer need their services, just as if you realize the truth of I Am That I Am, that non-dual awareness, you will no longer be controlled by the ego.

Think again of Organized Religion in terms of the Healthcare system, if you are healthy you are contributing nothing, financially or otherwise, to its continued operation. Modern medicine needs you to be sick, that is why you rarely ever hear about somebody coming out of their annual physical with a clean bill of health. If your cholesterol, blood pressure, or any other of the vast array of medical diagnoses were normal you would not need to buy medication, submit another claim to the insurance company, or pay for another visit. And even if you are healthy, there will still be symptoms to “monitor” forever enslaving you to the system that requires your support. And that system is far reaching, infecting the media and commercials, as well as others opinions of your health. Do you ever go to a check-up and not expect something to be wrong? This is conditioning that keeps you feeding the system. The same is true of organized religion, requiring you to be spiritually unhealthy so that you keep coming back for more.

I can’t tell you how many different religious and spiritual organizations I have been to that sell you the need for their services, yet never give you the tools or instructions so that you no longer need what they offer. Each week people come back with the same problems, different story. They tell you it is supposed to be that way, that life is hard, a school for learning, salvation comes in the next life, etc., etc. and they dismiss those who yearn for enlightenment, or Christ-consciousness, as idealistic dreamers that don’t understand how hard life is, or worse yet, convince you that you are a lowly sinner just lucky enough to have found them in the nick of time.

As Jesus said on the Cross “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.”

And they don’t know, because they haven’t been given what they think they are seeking. They have been given the run-around of a sales pitch, and are now salesmen themselves. They have not woken up to lies the ego feeds. The ego is the ultimate salesmen, selling you whatever it can in sleeping pills, distraction, and fear so as to ensure that you never discover the Truth of the I Am That I Am needing, yearning, and wanting for nothing, because it is everything, enlightenment itself.  The ego tempts you with a carrot that you will never get. Just as so many forms of organized religion tempt you with a point in the future, a point of salvation, or enlightenment, or mass collective conscious upliftment, all the while preventing you from realizing that the future never comes, and each day, that which you yearn for, that I Am, is not in the falsehood of the future, and you don’t need more time until it just eventually happens. That I Am That I Am is right here, right now. It has never gone anywhere, and it is not going anywhere. You don’t have to travel to find it, spend all this time seeking, read every book on the self at the New Age bookstore, or walk backwards through a labyrinth with three sticks of incense, a crystal, and a perpetual Om chant. Anymore than taking medication for the rest of your life will rid of high blood pressure. It won’t and they won’t. Can religion help? Sure. Can it rob you of your energy and I Am reality? Probably. Can it cause you to forsake your responsibility and accountability? Tragically.

Realize this – If you are constantly seeking, you never have to commit. Think about that for second. Take love – If you are constantly seeking love, wanting for that love from another, from yourself, from God, you will never have to step over the threshold into the wild and reckless abandon that love is. You will never have to give up your Ego control to something that the ego cannot survive in. Love is beyond measure, beyond word, beyond reason. That is why the poets, and the mystics, and the seers can allude to it, describe it, dance around it in allegory, metaphor, and image, but they cannot define it. It is outside the Ego’s scope of existence. The same is true of enlightenment, as it is true of God. By perpetually walking on the path, you will never have to fully commit to what enlightenment is, no less than the complete dissolution of all the ego’s falsehoods, a full awakening and awareness of the truth of the I Am. Your ego can walk the path for as long as you let it, but eventually the ego is found out to be asleep, and the I Am is awake. You can’t be both at the same time.

It is up to you to take the true first step for yourself. It is up to you and you alone to take the plunge.

I’m not a big fan of organized religion, what has been called the opiate of the masses. But I’m a big, BIG, fan of God, and enlightenment. And I’m able to see the difference between the two.

Separate the chaff from the wheat, think for yourself, but be careful when you decide to throw the baby out with the bath water. When you do, you might just be discarding the most important thing your world could ever know.


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